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Flying pigs: global hotel on February 29 all free to unsubscribe

Date: 2020-02-04

Released Feb. 3 in the morning, flying pigs again about new coronavirus pneumonia during travel products back to security policy.

Released Feb. 3 in the morning, flying pigs again about new coronavirus pneumonia during travel products back to security policy, all (including) before January 31, booking, and travel time for January 29th February 23 solstice hotel order, at home and abroad shall be free to unsubscribe.This is also the current tourism industry covers the longest time, geographical coverage of the most widely hotel back to security policy.

Huang Yuzhou flying pigs vice President, said the free unsubscribe to ensure time and upgrade, designed to protect the basic rights and interests of consumers under the new crown pneumonia outbreak, as an industry leading companies, big front should bear, adhere to the "customer first", take the initiative to face the risk.

New coronavirus pneumonia epidemic broke out before the Spring Festival, let originally the tourist season turned to unsubscribe.Outbreak, flying pigs has published three times back to security policy, on Jan. 21, the first security announcement, flying pigs as a special group, take the lead in the medical workers to give its full time products all free back to safeguard, caused industry to follow up, tourism for frontline staff care.

On January 23, flying pigs upgrade back to guarantee, first to set out on the fifteenth day of the first, on February 8, all products free to cancel, no matter at home and abroad, regardless of product type.The refund to cover strength is unprecedented, is also a tourist industry is the only "one size fits all" type unsubscribe policy regardless of conditions.

"Spring Festival golden week, is the most busy season of tourism throughout the year, popularity even far exceeds the National Day in summers, orders is quite huge," Huang Yuzhou admitted that "the core of the Spring Festival travel travel time on annual 28 to the fifteenth day of the first, it is flying pigs covered in the second round of the announcement date, this is also our decision at the time to consider, must give consumers to peace of mind."

Huang Yuzhou said, Spring Festival travel products unit price is high, if not all, must be in order to avoid losing consumers choose travel, a national campaign in the country is so big, it will be very unfavorable to epidemic control.Across the back change of security are faced with both unable to forecast, is also facing unpredictable developments, basic impossible to grasp the risks, but the values of alibaba is "customer first", at this moment, must want to have.

On January 31, flying pigs to upgrade again back to guarantee to February 29, on the whole accounted for over eighty percent of domestic travel products continue to support all free to unsubscribe.On February 2, unsubscribe security continued to expand to global hotel for free.

"In the face of the outbreak, consumers and businesses are helpless, as a platform to play a role, not only on both sides of the mouthpiece, risks to both ends, bear himself in the middle what all have no.Our choice is for consumers to do promise, not ambiguous.At the same time, with businesses in the face of complex supply chain, reduce the loss together."Huang Yuzhou said.