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Huangshan photography tips

Date: 2015-02-11

Huangshan photography theme clear four seasons: spring qingfeng-xiangguang fracture dicui, snowcapped; Summer cool and refreshing, cascading waterfalls everywhere; Autumn day high air, five colours mixed and disorganized; La winter is white and ice carving jade. Huangshan tourism, leisure vacation, photography is the creator of a good place to go.
White (December - march)
Seasons all huangshan city, but the la winter scene is better. The winter huangshan mountain more beautiful. Enter winter, often the dawn of huangshan sea of clouds, fog, and pines, rocks, etc, reproduce the natural beauty of wonderful artical excelling nature. Winter is the most easy to form huangshan sea of clouds and the most spectacular season, rain and snow days, often appear a large area of sea of clouds, especially the spectacular sea of clouds, landscape, make people linger.
About 50 days a year, the average huangshan snow, snow in the early date for an average of 12 at the end of final snow date in the second year in early march. Snowy everywhere is white and huangshan stone jade opportunely, really is "road is coloured glaze world everywhere, every body is in the crystal palace". When the temperature drops to below zero, fog, or drizzle, has a scene appear, such as rime, BingGua full mountain yushu yinhua, glittering and translucent flashing, and wonder. No wonder people say that, "the four seasons of huangshan all beauty, only better la winter scene". December to March 15 entered the winter, filled with mountain yushu yinhua, glittering and translucent flashing, spectacle. Huangshan mountain snow and was regarded as one of the "five greats", is a photography enthusiasts the ideal pursuit.
Spring scenery beauty face (April - June)
Spring should be worthy to be "sixth" huangshan, huangshan mountain azalea is spent in anhui province, is also one of China's top ten famous flowers. Huangshan spring, flowering time, unique is open, one side open, the other party, the excellences, without trying to outshine each other. Xie, azalea azalea; Ma, the red mountains.
Whenever the spring back to huangshan, was praised as "flower of xi shi" azalea is appearing the awaken of spring is abundant, in full bloom huangshan mountain top, make visitors pleasant, relaxed and happy. Azalea, colour profusion, according to data from pure white to silver, pink, red, from fraction, light yellow to orange, from the pure color to the spot, to find, a kaleidoscope. Petals from single to double, flowers form a funnel-shaped, bowl, bell, beautiful, graceful, deep love of people love.
Verdant (July - September)
Binocular visual spectacle, extremely the extension view on the way. Summer to huangshan, not only can enjoy the "strange pine, the peak, valley, the waterfall, mountain spring" see countless, countless landscape; With luck, you can also view the sunrise, sunset spectacular landscape. Encounter attendance after the rain, more can see great momentums, huangshan choppy sea of clouds. Huangshan mountain in July to enter the summer. But the huangshan mountain high throughout the year without summer. In July average temperature of 20.7 ℃, the average temperature of 20.3 ℃ in August. The day can be cool no sweat, cover which can sleep in the evening, and there is no mosquito bites, is an ideal summer resort.
Summer of huangshan mountain, the verdant overlapping peaks, deep valleys strong coverage, the forest singing, one summer. More spectacular summer huangshan sunrise, leap from the sun, such as a fire, lit the sky, also lit up a mountain and trees, as if the whole world is MuGuang brilliant, brilliant. Summer huangshan, the waterfall of invisible, countless fountain, especially after the rain, huangshan mountain became a world of water, water for huangshan wrote numerous passionate music. Is not as inferior as sunrise, sunset blushing sunset summer huangshan, covered a layer of bright as twilight, is infatuated.
Five colours mixed and disorganized (October - November)
You must remember one year for all, the most is orange, yellow, orange green. Though they don't say "" heaven and earth have big beauty, we still can be with god. Ming dynasty big traveler xu xiake had praised huangshan mountain autumn "sages in maple and white, five colours mixed and disorganized, figure embroider." Someone said, if you haven't been to huangshan mountain in autumn, will never know what the most beautiful season in huangshan is impressive; Also somebody said, if you haven't seen the autumn huangshan, don't know accident of nature to create the world's most breathtaking beauty. If nature with the brush part outline shimmering figure embroider of the world, far peak near pine, everywhere is full of the temptation of autumn.
Autumn of huangshan mountain, do not have all sorts of wonderful scenery. When autumn's footsteps approaching, huangshan, such as the dream of beauty began to sublimation from the summer cool and refreshing, began to change the colors of autumn. Huangshan is flowing around the warm colors of autumn, "between gold-sun mangrove thin yellow" autumn in the valley of the color between rhythm and chase, set each other off becomes an interest, brewing intoxicate paint, is also a photographer after autumn, autumn taken in good time.
The best shooting recommended huangshan scenic area:
Best location: (1) the sunrise shoot cool and refreshing, light pavilion, always believe, lion peak, top light, aojiang fish, danxia peak, jade screen tower
(2) to see sunset shot best location: cool, cool and refreshing villa, danxia peak, flying stones, top light, lion peak
(3) at the sea of clouds filming location: best jade screen tower view before the sea and cool and refreshing flooring, white eling view in the east China sea, row YunTing tianhai west sea, light
(4) having snow shoot best location: north sea scenic area, west sea scenic spot, tianhai scenic area, the jade screen
(5) the huangshan city "jasmine" photography - huangshan scenic area (22) : huangshan hot spring scenic spot, huangshan mountain jade screen peak, tiandu feng, lotus peak, the aojiang fish peak, light item, Bai Yunxi (western YaoTai), flying stones, platoon YunTing, west grand canyon, danxia peak, lion peak, cool and refreshing, scattering flowers dock, always believe peak, creeping pine observation deck, stalagmites Gang, white eling, gong yangshan, fairy directions, pine valley (the jade pool), beginning to a new faith.