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The Xihai Hotel (Huangshan Xihai Fandian) is located on the foot of Danxia Peak,  at the entrance of the Xihai Valley.
A number of restaurants serve local Anhui dishes along with delicacies from other regions. Guests can also enjoy a drink at coffee shop or bar.
Meeting facilities and a business center are available at this Huang Shan hotel for those needed professional services.
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住客评论 4548条评论     4.5分/5分 更多
  • gelin295501
    This is the best hotel in Huangshan, leave a good memory
  • xpress
    Is good
  • adeleabc
    Upgrades into a four star hotel there, obviously feel very good accommodation is highly recommended. There is also drying equipment, location excellent, close to Sunrise and sunset
  • aiacc
    Very satisfied with clean, facilities are very complete, hotel not far from the rows of booths and the xihai Grand Canyon entrance.
  • AlvinYip
    Hotel four star standard, or the standard star. taking into account the built in the scenic mountain, the price is fair. service can say generally, so-so. it's too expensive to eat, but no complimentary drinking water in the room.
  • anisolm
    The hotel is in a nice central area and all interesting places are very easy reachable. We had a double room in the northern building. The room was clean, the bed very comfortable and we had a very good heater for the cold evening. The shower is very small and the carpet in front of the shower was always a little bit wet. The staff was friendly and helpful, they even spoke a little bit English. All together we had a pleasant stay. The price is high, but comparing to the other hotels seems still one of the best options
  • Tramy
    Mountain the prices has really affordable, but very little, and feels like the basement environment was not very good!
  • carolinecc
    Hotel in West Grand Canyon entrance next, sat ropeway mountain go not more far into hotel put good luggage, just to Grand Canyon, Grand Canyon tramway up away from Hotel pretty far of, way go way see landscape, to hotel has is tired has. just in lobby next of restaurant big eat a meal, taste is good, seems restaurant called mountain of love, actually not is your, we two a people points has many dish are eat not off, more than 500 more, smelly Mandarin fish siniperca chuatsi burn of is good, many meat, 198, price also is is high of. eat goodMeal rest foot massage at the hotel, master technique is very good, very tired, is master to tipping, not used. Overall very good, more than expected, the room clean and comfortable, warm quilt.
  • cloudy197811
    Only stayed for one night, the room is a little small, others are good, service is also in place. great location, shixin near nearby to watch sunrise. restaurant also very good, but didn't get a chance to eat.
  • bessie1125
    Hotels in the West Sea, great view. the new building big bed room should do the upgrade on the 6 floor. dinner is also very good, price a little expensive. health where there is need to improve overall selection of mountain
  • cjang
    Say is the latest in the Huangshan mountain at 5 star hotel! is the best hotel in mountain facilities! well, requirements should not be too high in the mountain drops-clean and comfortable 24-hour hot water, as well as toiletries. should also be 5 stars on the mountain
  • Anna b
    Huangshan enjoy star hotel really satisfied! Hotel poor health was no better than star hotel, comfortable bed! price is high, eating is expensive, but really not easy material transport on the Hill, can understand and value!
  • angel226688
    Started to go wrong, to the new floor, feeling great, and can have such a good hotel in the mountains. results will be told of North building, across a small bridge, slightly too much worse than new building. since 10.1, a standard room 1200, really expensive. If the value is the new floor price is ~ ~
  • fxm86221725
    Not very well
  • lingyi524
    View of hotel, as in the mountains, more expensive prices, suggests itself with more water
  • along_alone
    How is health, dorm does not say, toiletries not I know, but rain shower was fixed force shampoo, no wind in the room said, able to take the floor, running Exchange 200 deposit, your appliance wind is not really worth? living room really is a hotel of grandson
  • Andystar
    In Huangshan sea dial so high of place built has a warm of hotel, is a easily. but personal think room no lobby looks so let people shock, lobby also some dining of place really is is luxury, compared room on some too simple. but in mountain also feel most simple of needs are also can meet. that baking hanger feel has features. other of place also no see had this equipment. staff of quality is high, feel is here of training standard. HuangshanOf landscape really of is is beauty, especially in this season is lucky of see has Sunrise, 1th, noon to Huangshan scenic, in fell car points of emblem restaurant eat of full full of, shop in of boss also is patience of told we how arrangements, in there directly left-of luggage, in next door buy has mountain of speed hot rice, climbing rod, some supplies, on easily starting has. just day rain, from mountain Shang down of people pants Shang are is mud, we in air tramway Shang a fog vast, what areYou don't see, frustrated at that time, thought and Huangshan Sunrise pass, but ushered in the bright glow of the next day, luck! and then a full day of bright sunny day sky blue fascinated people, there's a chance also to Huangshan, will be admitted to the Western sea!
  • afat4435
    Hotel Services also needs to be a unified training, improve the quality of service
  • Arrow2009
    Hotel location is very good, especially to the xihai Grand Canyon is especially convenient. North building, room set, only a little larger than the standard rooms, three beds side by side, room is quite old; but the hot water is better, there are heaters, tired from climbing back a day and still feel good
  • jianxiusong
    Very good, nice
    Such a hotel somewhere in the mountain is remarkable.
  • bolero_cn
    Best hotels in mountain conditions, restaurant cuisine tastes good.
  • nbujim
    All right
  • fantanblue
    Mountain hotel location is very good, if you recommend West up the mountain from the North Gate Hotel, uphill from the South Gate does not recommend living in a hotel near the South Gate! service can also be used directly in the hotel restaurant prices are more expensive but the food is worth at the hotel can also recommend
  • lancerlee_cw
    Well, and a few research with Alice, toilet, bath, but a plug in too little, suggests itself with power.
  • bj_caijuan
    Room was good, Hotel Plaza visitors walked with gate wood, good walking stick loud, affect the rest.
  • gainax
    ? ? ?, ? ? . ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?. ? ? ? ? ? 1?. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?.
  • leady
    Hotel location is very good, is more than a bed, wooden bed is very nice and comfortable
  • lisadoreen
    Reserved for the elderly, from the Sunrise location a bit far, need to walk 20 minutes room down, useless, but very
  • ping1985
    Quiet environment, good service, photos forgot to take, but to stay here again next time
  • prettyw
    Environment is not very good, the mountain cold, quilt is dirty, Yes.
  • e00147633
    Restaurants are OK, room clean, good service attitude
  • livyxile
    Mountain has this nice hotel, rooms are small but clean and quiet. inadequate network earlier dining must be 6 or more, not accepted, which does not match reality
  • e02261142
    6-person bunk beds, room was OK, hotel without any service, meals are not easy.
  • cammliwei
    The price is a high condition is good. fit on the cloud Valley in the afternoon light, at night the West Sea, and again the next day to ring the second ring of the Grand Canyon, the distance from it.
  • cocowood
    Select of is 620 Yuan of standard between, bed with clean, other things too old has, not provides dental, WiFi, but has coat and drying equipment. in self breakfast per person to pay 70 Yuan, because to see sunrise time no to eat. day in row around eat of self dinner four dish a soup per person 60 Yuan, if select three dish a soup of per person 50 Yuan (less a article figure in the of de), has good has.
  • Sanddy
    Overall feels good, next time I go to Huangshan will stay.
  • benbennyrain
  • snyder
    A five-star rating, and can live in the mountains of the hotel really burongyia. Although slightly more expensive price point
  • pangyun
    Great location, nice surroundings! hills, you make sense, sheets or something is from the mountain Porter worked hard to pick up, to know the road that the hard work
  • diager
    Nice hotel, the mountain has such conditions is not easy, of course, price is a bit expensive, food is OK, but no breakfast
  • e01068519
    Hotel is the best hotel on the Hill, but the standard is compared, when proposed or choose view would be better.
  • allenlinegar
    The dorm was full OK - just a dorm. I think a little too much, even if it is on the mountain 30.
  • dindangxu
    Hotel is nice, in the mountains can have such conditions are very good.
  • rujiaxiaoyumi
    Drying clothes in the room, is very handy mountain tourists can reduce the mountain of luggage.
  • alexcmr
    Accommodation in the mountains, be-
  • mirandadang
    Huangshan's best hotel, comfortable.
  • even88
    A very good environment, there is full of trees, the hotel is also very good, very clean, very good facilities, there are two shower punch
  • amotey1
    Hotel is clean, nice restaurant meals are very delicious, although a little expensive but can understand!
  • Maco357
    Very good hotel, location was very good, service was good