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Xihai Hotel Huangshan is located in the essence of Mount Huangshan peak, and is about 500 meters from the north entrance of the Grand Canyon of the West Sea (Pai Yunting). It is an excellent hotel for viewing beauty and relaxing holidays.
The hotel is a high-end leisure resort hotel under Huangshan Tourism (600054). The hotel is divided into two guest rooms area a and B, with corridor bridges in the middle. It has more than 300 guest rooms with complete facilities and functions, which can fully meet your needs. In the early morning, you accompany your lover to walk into the woods, and the fresh air with high negative oxygen ions makes you energetic; In the evening, you lead your child to the peak to catch up with the sun, and the sunset in the mountain stream will let you have a panoramic view through the cracks of the mountain.
In spring, the revived green picture is full of vitality. You can swim or sit and watch the clouds rolling and relaxing; In winter, sit by the window of shanzhilian cafeteria. The snow outside the window accompanies you to enjoy delicious Xihai cuisine. When you are alone, you can take a rest in Alice bar, and let the fragrant coffee accompany you to enjoy the 'daze' time; When friends get together, you can choose the viewing box to let the clouds outside the window witness your warm moment of drinking.
During business reception, you can choose to hold a meeting in Buyun Hall (multi-functional conference hall) and hold a banquet in Xihai banquet hall. The large banquet table of 32 people will meet your reception needs. Stay in Xihai and enjoy five heart service. In addition, 'private customized' theme rooms (such as birthday room and wedding room), as well as private butler, scenic spot guide and other services, make your journey more convenient and comfortable.
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FAQs when booking at Xihai Hotel Huangshan
  • How far is the hotel from Huangshan Airport?

    Xihai Hotel Huangshan is 47.1km from the airport.

  • Does Xihai Hotel Huangshan offer airport shuttle service?

    No, the hotel does not offer airport shuttle service.

  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Xihai Hotel Huangshan?

    Check-in time is from 14:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at Xihai Hotel Huangshan.

  • Does Xihai Hotel Huangshan have a pool or gym?

    No, The hotel has no pool and fitness room. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Xihai Hotel Huangshan have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Xihai Hotel Huangshan offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Xihai Hotel Huangshan accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Xihai Hotel Huangshan accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Xihai Hotel Huangshan?

    Each costs cny120 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Xihai Hotel Huangshan?

    The room prices is from cny1300, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

  • Is the hotel on the top of the mountain? Can I walk to the hotel? What is the opening time if I need to take a cable car?

    The hotel is located on the top of Huangshan Mountain, and it takes 3.5 hours on foot to reach the hotel. When going up the mountain, you must take the cable car of the mountain climbing and walk, and the car can't reach. The opening time of the ropeway is 7: 30-16: 00 every day.

  • Which is new or old in Villa A and B?

    Villa A is the new building, the South Building, and Villa B is the old building, the North Building.

  • Which ropeway is the closest to the hotel? How far does it take to walk from the ropeway to the hotel?

    Cloud Valley Ropeway. It takes an hour to walk to the hotel after getting off the ropeway.

  • Is there a luggage delivery service?

    No, luggage can be stored under the mountain, or let the pick up. It is not easy to go up the mountain road, it is recommended to go light.

Reviews more
  • babalubj
    It's not bad. It's very clean. The room is very big, but the food on the mountain is too expensive!
  • losus
    Much better than you think
  • fsmerc
    we are staying at standard room at the old building, the setup for the room is not up to the standard ( very basic) with relative comparison to another mountain top hotel I put up, this is really pale in comparison, however its location is very good for people going in by the back hill , just an hour walk from the cable car station with easy walk path. you can checked in early to drop your luggage before heading to the Canyon.
  • boluopai315
    I like it very much
  • lsi618
    The hotel is good, but the price is small and expensive
  • onlysdly
    The room is a little small, everything else is good, the location is OK, the environmental sanitation is quite good, the facilities are relatively new, and the service is average
  • jar7772
    Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay
  • arsenal
    There is no one of the best hotels in Huangshan
  • claudia0228
    Not bad
  • crisgu
    Poor facilities, expensive weekend
  • e04336890
    Good prices compared to other hotels on the summit. Good facilities.
  • xiaobaitu
    Five star service, five star facilities!
  • CY19871207
    It's the second time to check in. The room prices are almost the same, but the overall environment, service and hardware facilities are higher than last time.
  • colinxu1979
    Besides being expensive, Xihai hotel is the best in the mountain
  • coffeeman
    Well, I admit I've read other people's comments about Xihai. Xihai used to be divided into five-star and four-star hotels. The four-star hotel is usually at the level of farmhouse, and five-star hotel is very good. The window is not transparent, there is a stone wall outside, and nothing can be seen. The standard room I ordered originally wanted to have a good sleep. As a result, the sound insulation of the shelf bed room downstairs is poor, and people downstairs revel all night. I didn't sleep all night. Why didn't the most basic function of 899 house be realized?
  • MELODY~~!!
    As a star hotel in Huangshan, the hardware and service of the new building are really good. It fully meets the five-star standard. The room is very clean and comfortable, and the drying rack is very practical; The Chinese food in the restaurant tastes very good, but the price is a little expensive, but all the ingredients and materials are picked up by the porter purely manually. Therefore, long live! I will choose next time and recommend it to my friends!
  • young921
    I am very satisfied with such conditions in Huangshan. The price is really expensive, but after all, in the scenic area, it's very good to have a room. My sisters are also very satisfied.
  • dini854
    The environment is good, one of the few hotels on the top of the mountain. Dinner is more expensive and the dishes are good.
  • E00719731
    Five star hotel, the clothes drying device is very considerate
  • letian2017
    The hotel is clean and sanitary and comfortable to live in.
  • bonniegao79
    Maybe it's the best one on Mount Huangshan. Although the room is small, it's clean and tidy, but the sound insulation is too poor. If you go to Huangshan, you will still live.
  • idaxu
    Yes, it's the best in the mountain.
  • aliceyinyin2005
    The hotel on the top of the mountain is really good. The waiter's attitude is very good and tries his best to meet our requirements.
  • Alice612
    Very good, recommended!
  • D01142217
    Please comment on 11 every time. one thousand one hundred and eleven
  • jingdianpingbi
    The conditions on the mountain are very good. It's very close to the paiyun Pavilion.
  • e02150477
    The location is good and the environment is very good. It is the best hotel in the mountain
  • gl0714
    Nice hotel with new facilities.
  • ma_wing
    The environment was ok, very good
  • dfadfsj
    The signal is poor. The mountains are like this. You can't watch the scenery. The service was OK. After all, the charge is also high. The downstairs restaurant is expensive but not worth it!
  • Canser
    The hotel has good facilities and no problem with the service. It is located near the West Sea. It should be a better hotel on the mountain. Meals are more expensive, but considering the hard work of the porter, it's also reassuring to give more money.
    There are not many people this time. We used eight beds for the two of us!
  • coco_34
    The room is like the previous comment. Talking about catering, most of the halls are for group meals. Originally, I was going to have 150 buffet dinners. When I walked over, I saw that all of them were leftovers, just a little more than 6 o'clock. Later, when I went to the hotel to order, the environment dishes won. The price for two people was less than 300 yuan. Self help is very boring! Suggest ordering!
  • caiwenbo
    Staff at reception is very helpful, but you have to pay for everything (towel if you stay in dorm, map of walking paths,...); english communication is very bad; it all looks beautiful and expensive, but it is not as good as it looks like
  • duiaiyaya
    It's very cost-effective. It's clean and quiet, and the hardware is good. It's the toiletries and fruits that we went to make up when we ate. I feel a little uncomfortable
  • peter20122012
    Very good. It's the second day's stay in Huangshan. Xihai hotel is highly recommended!
  • allenasdasd
    It's nice to stay in such a hotel on the mountain.
  • tiantian0924
    It's very convenient to go out. You can stroll around Hongmei Park and Tianning Temple in the morning and evening. The surrounding food is also a lot of praise
  • simply6
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
  • anita726
    Huangshan, where I went on the eleventh day, climbed to the top. I thought it was the main building room, but I didn't expect it to be the flat building opposite. It's only 2300 yuan. It's soaring on holidays. There's no way. The cost performance is too low. It's really not as good as the tent rented on Guangming roof. Ha ha.
  • e00345700
    The environment is very good, very beautiful, the price is too expensive, the restaurant price is very expensive!
  • disguise1986
    The newly renovated hotel is estimated to be the best hotel in the mountain. Other hotels are older and more comfortable. It is also close to the Taiping cableway, which is convenient to go down the mountain.
  • baobeiyoo
    Spring Festival travel is expensive and cost-effective
  • e03005698
  • jilirion
    It is very close to Danxia peak and paiyun Pavilion. The facilities are new. The room is not big. It is equipped with down jacket and flashlight. The dishes are a little expensive and serve slowly.
  • icexdp333
    It's very expensive. It's very good. It's just too expensive
  • rongmeimei
    OK, it's worth the price
  • cxyyxm
    The room is very clean though it has upper and lower bunks
  • jiaoyunde
    Very neat, clean, tasteful design, very satisfied
  • b_____b
    Good feedback
  • alfred1910
    The environment is good. The restaurant is very expensive
  • bigflowercat
    The design of the hotel is good and the location is OK. The decoration quality is a little poor. The bathroom and shower room leak outward, and there is no floor towel (of course, it is understandable that it is the porter who goes up the mountain. In this case, the decoration quality should be better). The service staff were quite unfriendly, unprofessional and unprofessional. While waiting for the waiter, I saw more than one guest quarreling with the waiter. They were stunned. It's for the good facilities. As a result, the decoration quality and service quality are like this. Consider living in Beihai next time.
  • dgx70
    We stayed in the mountains for two nights, the first in Beihai and the second in Xihai. Xihai hotel rooms are much better than Beihai. It should be the best hotel in the mountain. It's very comfortable, but the location is a little poor. It's in a low-lying place on the mountain. Whether you go to Xihai Grand Canyon, Guangmingding or Beihai, you have to go up many slopes. But no matter watching sunrise (to Danxia peak) or sunset (in feilaishi), it's very suitable. If you go to Huangshan again in the future, you'll stay on the mountain for two nights. The first night is here, and the second night is Baiyun Hotel. It's convenient to go down the mountain.
  • strong0451
    It's not easy to have such conditions at the top of the mountain. The price is a little expensive
  • sinntyann
    Five stars on the mountain, very satisfied! The room is a little smaller, but it's thoughtful. Clothes drying rack is very practical, if there is a shoe dryer is better.
  • e00603735
    Because it's on the mountain, the surrounding environment is excellent from any side. Room facilities are also very good, very clean, for the geographical location in the mountains is not easy. What I want to focus on is the staff's service, which is very poor! There is no enthusiasm for work, especially the attitude of the waiters in the restaurant on the first floor of the lobby.
  • nboooo
    The environmental hygiene was good, but there was no dental equipment
  • e00138696
    Maybe the hotel up the mountain is like this. Don't want to be a star hotel.
  • Alice Iverson
    It's the best hotel on the mountain. It's very clean, but the restaurant is very expensive. The service of the restaurant should be strengthened.
  • ForrestLi
    It's very convenient to order online... The environment and internal facilities are good
  • finders1224
    Very good, worth choosing!
  • cryinfall
    Be sure to book a room in the new building