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Xihai Hotel Huangshan is located in the essence of Mount Huangshan peak, and is about 500 meters from the north entrance of the Grand Canyon of the West Sea (Pai Yunting). It is an excellent hotel for viewing beauty and relaxing holidays.
The hotel is a high-end leisure resort hotel under Huangshan Tourism (600054). The hotel is divided into two guest rooms area a and B, with corridor bridges in the middle. It has more than 300 guest rooms with complete facilities and functions, which can fully meet your needs. In the early morning, you accompany your lover to walk into the woods, and the fresh air with high negative oxygen ions makes you energetic; In the evening, you lead your child to the peak to catch up with the sun, and the sunset in the mountain stream will let you have a panoramic view through the cracks of the mountain.
In spring, the revived green picture is full of vitality. You can swim or sit and watch the clouds rolling and relaxing; In winter, sit by the window of shanzhilian cafeteria. The snow outside the window accompanies you to enjoy delicious Xihai cuisine. When you are alone, you can take a rest in Alice bar, and let the fragrant coffee accompany you to enjoy the 'daze' time; When friends get together, you can choose the viewing box to let the clouds outside the window witness your warm moment of drinking.
During business reception, you can choose to hold a meeting in Buyun Hall (multi-functional conference hall) and hold a banquet in Xihai banquet hall. The large banquet table of 32 people will meet your reception needs. Stay in Xihai and enjoy five heart service. In addition, 'private customized' theme rooms (such as birthday room and wedding room), as well as private butler, scenic spot guide and other services, make your journey more convenient and comfortable.
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FAQs when booking at Xihai Hotel Huangshan
  • How far is the hotel from Huangshan Airport?

    Xihai Hotel Huangshan is 47.1km from the airport.

  • Does Xihai Hotel Huangshan offer airport shuttle service?

    No, the hotel does not offer airport shuttle service.

  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Xihai Hotel Huangshan?

    Check-in time is from 14:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at Xihai Hotel Huangshan.

  • Does Xihai Hotel Huangshan have a pool or gym?

    No, The hotel has no pool and fitness room. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Xihai Hotel Huangshan have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Xihai Hotel Huangshan offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Xihai Hotel Huangshan accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Xihai Hotel Huangshan accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Xihai Hotel Huangshan?

    Each costs cny120 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Xihai Hotel Huangshan?

    The room prices is from cny1300, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

  • Is the hotel on the top of the mountain? Can I walk to the hotel? What is the opening time if I need to take a cable car?

    The hotel is located on the top of Huangshan Mountain, and it takes 3.5 hours on foot to reach the hotel. When going up the mountain, you must take the cable car of the mountain climbing and walk, and the car can't reach. The opening time of the ropeway is 7: 30-16: 00 every day.

  • Which is new or old in Villa A and B?

    Villa A is the new building, the South Building, and Villa B is the old building, the North Building.

  • Which ropeway is the closest to the hotel? How far does it take to walk from the ropeway to the hotel?

    Cloud Valley Ropeway. It takes an hour to walk to the hotel after getting off the ropeway.

  • Is there a luggage delivery service?

    No, luggage can be stored under the mountain, or let the pick up. It is not easy to go up the mountain road, it is recommended to go light.

Reviews more
  • giplas
    Because the environment on the mountain is very bad, and the ground can't live in a bed for more than 100 yuan. It's already very good. The warm wind in the house is relatively warm, and the quilt is also very warm. The problem is that it's too dry. People in our house still think they have a fever. Should we be equipped with a humidifier or something? They didn't sleep much. They didn't sleep until midnight. It's hard to climb the mountain
  • superman-ming
    Very ha'ao, every time I go, I will stay. The price of off-season hotel is not much different from that of other hotels. The room environment is too good, so it's worth living. I recommend it to my friends
  • aiacc
    Very satisfied, clean and tidy, with complete facilities. The hotel is not far from paiyunting and the entrance of Xihai Grand Canyon.
  • fxm86221725
    Just so so?
  • lonesomely
    It's not easy to build a hotel on the mountain. It's understandable that it's more expensive
  • Senior Account E Long
    The hotel on the mountain was not booked in advance. Finally, when there was no hope, it was unexpectedly booked to the West Sea. The price was small and expensive, but after all, it was a five-star hotel. The external environment of the hotel was not much to say. The interior was spacious and bright, and the beds were clean and tidy. After climbing the mountain for a day, I wanted to have a good sleep in my room and eat on the mountain more than 1000 meters above sea level. The price there was not too expensive, The waiter also recommended some economical and affordable dishes, just American and Chinese?? What's more, when I entered the room, I saw a lot of water stains on the face stage directly opposite. I didn't feel very good.
  • steffi-ji
    How to say, for the situation on the mountain, this hotel is really good and advanced. It can only be said that it can't be compared with the hotel down the mountain. The room is a little small and there are no toiletries. We are ready. But provide us with down and flashlight to see the sunrise. It tastes good, too. Overall, I was satisfied.
  • glong
    The room is small, the facilities are complete, the sanitation is OK, and the price is on the high side.
  • anna thousands
    The big bed room on the seventh floor has a sloping roof. It's a little bit depressing. I knew the price was almost the same as the standard house. But the facilities are quite complete, and there are dryers. The bed is very comfortable. I'm tired of climbing the mountain on the first day, so comfortable that I can't get up to watch the sunrise the next winter. The boiled beef in the restaurant is delicious. On the cable car of Houshan cloud Valley Temple, we went to Shixin peak, which is very close to Xihai canyon. After climbing the Grand Canyon and sitting on the ground track, we have to climb over the Guangming top to get back to the hotel. The next day, when we went down the mountain, we had to go to the Guangming summit again. It was a bit of a physical test. But it's not as humid as the hotel on the mountain, and the quilt is clean and comfortable, laying a good foundation for the next day's mountain climbing.
  • rooter
    Huangshan's best hotel, walking up the mountain, sweating when there is such a room to shower, nothing to complain about! There should be all kinds of facilities in the room. I don't feel damp at all. There is a shortage of materials on the mountain. It's not easy to do this. The only thing is that the price is really expensive...
  • fadny
    The room is small, the environment is good and clean
  • jimfc
    very nice! Good location, very clean, friendly service.
  • rambo5
    It's a little late to evaluate it now.. The location of the hotel is very good. After checking in, I saw the sunrise the next day..
  • Oscar_wendy
    The hotel is really great, and the restaurant service is also very good?
  • allenlinegar
    The Dorm was fully in order- just a dormitory. I find a little too much, even if it is on the mountain.
  • daxia05
    Good facilities taking into account it is located on the mountain.
  • jonnyfa
    This is really good. The accommodation is good, the food is good, and the price is good
  • maggiefung2010
    It's good outside. It's not good inside the room. It's a little old
  • limitmao
    Poor service
  • Eli00100
    The original standard room for three people was set as a standard room for two people for no reason. There was a big fire...
  • cicieve
    This is a higher end hotel on top of the mountain judging from the decoration and how much they charged for a meal. Comfortable stay but be prepared to spend a little bit more if you are staying in this hotel.
  • XP pig
    The big bed room is like an attic... The inclined roof is too small
  • prettyw
    The environment is not very good. It's cold on the mountain and the quilt is very dirty. Alas.
  • Tenten10
    The old building where I live is a little small, but it has clothes drying. It's very useful. Good environment
  • liying
    Huangshan best hotel, choose to stay to design a good journey
  • roysu190
    It's newly decorated. It's very good. The room on the mountain is super value
  • cat7611
    It's a standard room. The location of the hotel is good. It is very convenient to go to Beihai or Xihai Grand Canyon. The hotel is equipped with down jacket, which is convenient to watch the sunrise in the morning. The bedding is comfortable. The service attitude of the hotel front desk is not flattering.
  • famyuu
    Not bad, but the hotel doesn't provide toiletries
  • d02979203
    Everything else was good. Three people at the front desk had a room for a customer for nearly five minutes, but they didn't say hello to us at the back, so they asked us to wait there. I'm really not happy. The house price is so expensive, but the service is not satisfactory. I'm tired of going up the mountain
  • ddavid504
    just so so.
  • daitian11
    The top hotels in Huangshan are better than many hotels in the urban area. You can see the mountain view directly from the gate, which is very good!
  • xiang1411
    Shared rooms are ok but the bathrooms are need to be improved. Not very clean, moldy, and a broken shower head.
  • sscat
    It may be the best hotel on the top of Huangshan Mountain. Although the room is small, the facilities are complete and thoughtful, the restaurant environment is good, and the price is reasonable on the mountain
  • Tramy
    The price of going up the mountain is really affordable, but there are too few facilities inside. It feels like the basement. The environment is not very good!
  • LeoLee007
    It's really a good Xihai hotel. It's good in all aspects. After staying in Xihai for one night, it's a five-star level. After staying in Beihai for one night, Beihai is not as good as a guest house. Don't go to Beihai. It's a garbage Hotel waiting to close down
  • AlecXi
    Although the hotel room is small and fully equipped, it's a pity that I didn't enjoy the mountain view in front of the balcony in case of rain.
  • colinyoyo128
    I don't know if all the hotels on the mountain are like this. They booked a standard room of 653 yuan. As a result, they stayed in the small standard room on the top of the slope. The room was a little wet, because there was no air conditioning to get wet on the mountain, and there were still small insects climbing into bed.
  • gy830
    Lived in the dormitory, it was really ok for one night ;). Strayed there only for the sunrise so everything we wanted was a bed a shower and a toilet. There were everything in the dormitory.
  • e03436639
    It's good to enjoy the star hotel service while watching the scenery.
  • miaoli
    Satisfied, the room is spacious and tidy, no peculiar smell, quiet, suitable for a few days, enjoy the beautiful scenery of Huangshan. It's close to the cableway and the Grand Canyon, and it's only 10 minutes away from the cloud hall.
  • antoniaxf
    The hotel is of high quality, but the rooms on the mountain are relatively small. Good service. Good location, to see the sunrise to the opposite danxiafeng, too many people, crowded to see clearly. There should be no light to watch the sunrise. The scenery of Xihai Grand Canyon is worth seeing. The most regrettable thing about this trip to Huangshan is that I didn't see the surging and spectacular sea of clouds, so I had to come back to the Internet to see the photos!
  • lulu080312
    The best hotel on the mountain
  • angel226688
    I went wrong at the beginning. I went to the new building. I felt great. I lamented that there could be such a good hotel on the mountain.. The result was told that it was the north building, separated by a small bridge, which was much worse than the new building.. Since 10.1, a standard room costs 1200, which is really expensive.. If it is a new building, the price is still worth it~~
  • bragg
    The room is in the north building, not the big one, but the downstairs opposite. Check in at 9:00 and 12:30. Leave your luggage at the front desk and go to the Xihai Grand Canyon. The location is very good and easy to find. The room was very clean, because the hotel at the foot of the mountain was very trendy. I thought it was more trendy on the mountain. Unexpectedly, the quilt was very dry, and my mother was very satisfied. There are bedbugs in the room. I trampled them to death. It stinks
  • lwbicl
    The best hotel in the mountain, good facilities, good location, many attractions, very convenient, catering prices in the mountain is acceptable, next time to Huangshan will choose the hotel
  • dlsuda
    In response to energy conservation and emission reduction, the hotel has no disposable toothpaste and toothbrush. If you go up the mountain and stay here, you need to bring it yourself. Other facilities, quite good.
  • alaleimomo
    It's very comfortable, the location is good, there are many scenery nearby, especially it's very convenient to go to the Xihai Grand Canyon. The room is very clean with electric heating. It's really cold for a few days. It's 3-8 degrees. It's windy and rainy. Fortunately, the hotel is good and worthy of praise!
  • applesea
    One word is expensive, two words are expensive, three words are still expensive
  • lingyi524
    The hotel with excellent scenery is expensive because it is on the mountain. I suggest you bring more water
  • bubble_al
    The bathroom is too small to leak
  • summerxx21
    It's not easy to have such a hotel on the mountain. Unfortunately, it rained and didn't see the beautiful scenery of Huangshan.
  • cjang
    It's the latest 5-star hotel in Huangshan! It is also the best hotel with all kinds of facilities on the mountain! Well, the requirements on the mountain should not be too high, dripping ~ clean and comfortable 24-hour hot water, and toiletries... It should also be the 5 stars on the mountain
  • e00032254
    The worst reservation was made at Huangshan Xihai Hotel, but when I checked in, I was told that it was Xihai villa. The room smelled bad, the window was bad, and the waiter had a bad attitude. It was like hanging sheep's head and selling dog meat. There are two different hotels on the Internet, but the words are the same when checking in.
  • minger0551
    I just want to say... Don't book the north building, my friends... I'd rather spend more money to book a new building! The room card is not easy to use. It's just like that when you go to the front desk to change your attitude. The room can't compare with the picture. You can see the picture by yourself. Next time, I won't book the north building again. QAQ
  • bbbnn
    The hotel is newly renovated. It's very comfortable and considerate. Clothes dryers are installed. It's very useful in winter, rain and snow, but the network signal and mobile phone signal in the room are very weak. I hope it can be improved.
  • jeffxv
    There are no other disadvantages except that it is very expensive. The water in the room is small.
  • e01788786
    The hotel has a 4-star standard. The food is good. The fly in the ointment is that there is no air conditioner, the heater is not powerful enough, and the quilts are all down quilts. The hotter you sleep, the hotter you get.
  • bigawl
    This trip is very lucky to rent an independent guard on the mountain, but only three people live in a good environment, and the location is also very convenient. You can recommend it
  • jylin8888
    The hotel with such conditions on the mountain is already very satisfied
  • claytiger
    The service in the lobby is very stingy. It's a man like the manager on duty! Provide a plastic bag for raincoat! 1600. You don't even give up a plastic bag less than a dime a night? Everything else is good! The environment is very good!
  • amandasim
    not bad
  • Joyanlie
    The hotel environment is good, the facilities are good, and the service is excellent. I accidentally broke my head when I went up the mountain. The hotel timely provided alcohol, cotton wool and hair stickers. Thank you very much! I will visit Huangshan next time
  • oracler
    Not bad. The quilt is very comfortable. It has an independent bathroom, a dehumidifier and a radiator. It's OK, but eating is a little expensive. I haven't eaten anything at all...
  • cfr822
    ?? ??? ?? ? ?? ?? ??? ?? ?????. ???? ? ?? ???? ??? ?? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ????. ? ?? ???? ?? ? ?? ??? ????? ???? ?? ??? ?? ????. ??? ???? ????? 1?? ????? ???? ???. ??? ??? ??? ?? ???? ?????. ???? ?? ??? ???? ?? ??? ???? ??. ?? ????? ?? ? ???? ???? ??? ???? ??? ?? ??? ????? ????.
  • ayueayue
    The hotel is really good! Due to many difficulties?? I got a child, explained the reason, upgraded the landscape room for free and added a bed... The service was very good!
  • carefree
    Environment is very good, free upgrade of the room, thank you! It's very quiet and the location is good. We went to Danxia peak to watch the sunset the first afternoon and Lion Peak to watch the sunrise the next morning. It's not far away.
  • cytvivian
    Very good
  • J562804416
    The hotel is very good, the rooms are very clean, the service is very kind and the scenery is very good. I'll stay here next time
  • angellisayao
    It's my second time to live. I feel very good overall!
  • najing
    The hotel is very good. I ordered a few simple dishes in the Chinese restaurant in the hotel. They all taste good. I ordered a few drinks at the bar in the evening. The bartender is very cute, but no one else came to drink except me and my friends. Ha ha, it is estimated that everyone is saving energy to climb the mountain. The only bad thing is that the balcony of our observation room is facing the outside of the hotel. Every time we pass a tourist group, we can hear the loud horn of the guide.
  • alex777
    The environment, the details of the room are very good, and the catering is OK. Although it's a little expensive, the food is picked up by the workers, so I understand that it's expensive.
  • njjdsm
    The environment is very good, very considerate! If you go to Huangshan next time, you can book this hotel.
  • Lindatang
    It should be the best hotel on the mountain. You can sleep three with two beds. You can watch the sunrise and sunset nearby, and the stars are very bright at night! Food price and taste are acceptable, good experience, recommended.
  • arrow_w
    The hotel is the best hotel on Huangshan Mountain. It lives in a new building with complete facilities, but the room is relatively small. There is no scenery in the room. It is an attic.
  • dd Fun
    I went to the Mid Autumn Festival. The bed is very comfortable and sanitary. Everything is very good, but this is suitable for people who go up the mountain in the front. If they go up the mountain in the back, they will be tired to return at night.