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GEEGEEGEEscore:5.0 / 52018-12-13

Hotel very good proposals can be put after the arrival of the mountain of luggage to the top play the xihai Grand Canyon sunset clouds Pavilion to danxia peak to see the sunrise in the morning and then had breakfast after checking out before going to light top mountain
snyderscore:5.0 / 52018-12-11

A five-star rating, and can live in the mountains of the hotel really burongyia. Although slightly more expensive price point
fibwetscore:5.0 / 52018-12-10

This is I in city live had regardless of is soft quality service or hard quality of equipment loaded played Shang best of hotel, relative Yu Huangshan other 4 star hotel, West new floor may price Shang your has 100 RMB, but I think more of money absolute spent of deal. I will recommends Taiwan of friends, if in mountain Shang live II late words, first days strongly recommends live West new floor.
lxjianetscore:3.3 / 52018-12-09

In the mountains, it has been very good, but golden week booking price is ridiculously expensive, 1700-prices-fast a hotel, really think expensive.
XP pigscore:3.5 / 52018-12-09

Big bed room like a loft ... ... Inclined roof is too small
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