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Middle and high-end hotels are expecting good return on investment as the hotel market recovers

Date: 2018-07-15

Since the beginning of this year, the control focus of the real estate market has shifted to second - and third-tier cities, and the stock market has also changed accordingly.As the policy support on housing rental and asset securitization, asset management institutions of various types running into the stock market, prompted the development of real estate industry from the traditional business model to the operation mode.
After years of wild growth, the real estate industry has gone from quantitative change to qualitative change and entered the stage of fine stock operation and management.
The bank capital holding group actively distributes the property acquisition fund. On the basis of strengthening the capital management ability, it selects high-quality commercial property projects to provide investors with stable and high return.

Hotel consumption demand is picking up

From 2012 to March 2018, the change rate of market supply and demand of the hotel and the average monthly sales revenue of each available room was between 0% and 10%, which was relatively stable.
However, the market demand and the rate of change of each available house income fluctuate greatly, and it has rebounded in the past three years, with a peak of more than 10%.
In addition, the development of middle - and upper-middle hotels began to speed up, and the consumer demand of hotels continued to recover, and the market showed a clear trend of recovery.

Faced with an increasingly large stock market, how to revitalize the stock market and increase the value of assets has become a common concern from the government to the industry.

Mid - to high-end hotels welcome a good return on investment

With the overall recovery of the hotel market, the stock market has raised the upsurge of "hotel + real estate" mode.
A return on investment is a direct result of the market recovery.
Well-known and competitive brand in the high-end hotels can help investors achieve premium brand, promoting the value of property, in the field of large accommodation, high-end brands in the return on investment model is more outstanding, is advantageous to the assets transaction credit endorsement.
According to industry insiders, the return on investment of some middle - and upper-middle hotel brands is around 30%, and the return on investment period is about 3 years or more.
From the perspective of professional investment, the bank capital holding group has a better investment return than financial products.

Silver holdings group think both in the era of stock, the investment is into the second half, the traditional "creditor's rights investment" harder, asset management agencies should not only have the ability to equity investment, more competition is accurate investment horizon and tough shots after active management ability, based on the value of investment project investment, real excavated by investment projects of internal flash, and the investment companies and investors to achieve win-win.

Silver holdings group both rooted in the real estate marketing genes for many years, is committed to build from the wealth management, capital management to the financial direct investment in real estate assets operation mode of the whole industrial chain, with hefei as the focal point, the current property in anhui, shenzhen, dongguan, huizhou, Hong Kong and other places, mainly by way of equity investment, to invest in property management, hotel management, urban renewal, long rent apartment in areas such as project, through the study of the merger and acquisition of property, choice of estimation and the assets and upgraded routing, through multilateral financing, for packaging, operation and promotion of the project,
Achieve sales, operation, packaging, asset securitization and other operations, and finally achieve high value cashing and exit, providing stable and high return for investors!