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Destination accounted for 85% of the hotel reservation and OTA to dodge chance?

Date: 2018-08-20

Provide local tourism and is a multi-billion dollar business, OTA interest in this field is more and more big."A alone want to local tourism five times and activities of sales growth, growing from about $400 million a year to more than $20.

The company currently has 4000 suppliers, on a global scale to provide 27000 time travel and activities.Reality by providing service experience, has been introduced in its many important destination travel and activities, the goal is to its services to 1000 cities.Recently, acquired fairhort, TripAdvisor acquired Bokun, both platforms are based on the cloud computing software platform, makes the local tourism and their activities operators can online booking service.

However, although the industry buzz, huge potential, but less than 20% of the local tourism and activities can be in Internet booking.What is the reason?On the one hand, because of the nature of the industry is highly fragmented, on the other hand travel will affect consumers' preference.

This area is very fragmented, consists of tens of millions of independent smaller operators.This explains the reason of the lack of online booking.And they also have no resources available to online booking system and technology.

Look at travel consumer preferences.According to consumer reports Arival shows that only 24% of consumers will be booking before we start most of their activities, while the rest of the book are basic it is to their destination.

Tourism consumers don't totally believe in advance and activities will bring any value, such as the better choice, better service, unique services, significant savings and so on.Reservation for 85% of the activity is in the local, this is not surprising - many of the most good local travel and did not provide online!

Why the hotel operator should be considered to provide the local tourism and activities?

In strict accordance with the hotel product commercialization, forcing hotel price competition with OTA, this makes the hotel almost no opportunity to communicate the value of hotel product potential guests.And in order to solve this problem, the hotel operators need an effective marketing strategy, including in multi-channel and provide a lot of experience in the seasonal activity.

One study, 98% of respondents in the new city has a "local experience" is very important.

The direct online channel for hotel operators to provide unlimited opportunities, make hotel appears as "heroes" destination, also is the perfect choice, explore all destination to stay such as museums, galleries, family attractions, shopping, dining, nightlife and entertainment, etc.Combined with the powerful website marketing plan, focusing on the uniqueness of the hotel product and the value proposition, it had a successful strategy.

Hotel is a local enterprise, but the OTA in selection and signing the local tourism operators and activities, monitor their performance and customer service, and also has the advantage to ensure timely payment.

So, what is the most suitable for hotel operators to provide guests of the local tourism and activities?

Compared with the OTA, hotel operators to learn more about their customers and their preferences, so they can custom and custom of local tourism and activities accordingly.In many cases, the hotel has used reliable local operators for many years.

Local people unite: the local real estate can establish contact with the local operators on the emotional level, like the local enterprise operators, this in any large OTA and small operators are simply does not exist in our relationship.