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The first cave style immersive experience drama 'Le Dong Dunhuang' officially premiered in May

Date: 2023-04-10

On April 7th, a large-scale immersive tourism performance drama called "Le Dong Dunhuang" was held at the Dunhuang International Convention and Exhibition Center. As the world's first cave style immersive experience drama planned by the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee and produced by Gansu Performing Arts Group, this drama uses digital performance methods to regain a new "sound" of Dunhuang ancient music across thousands of years, comprehensively showcasing the historical and cultural charm of Dunhuang. At present, it is preliminarily confirmed that it will be officially staged in May this year.

The book 'Le Dong Dunhuang' traces its origins to Dunhuang culture, interpreting Mogao Caves murals and ancient books with modern technology. It also utilizes the interpretation results of Dunhuang ancient music scores, and uses high-tech methods such as holographic projection and 3D Weiya to fully immerse and present the legendary story of young people in the Western Regions pursuing art. The play utilizes ethnic instruments such as the pipa, panpipe, and ruan, as well as the timbre of imitation Dunhuang ancient instruments. Through typical dances such as Hu Xuan dance, waist drum dance, and pipa dance, it showcases the music and dance scene in Dunhuang murals, comprehensively showcasing the cultural charm of Dunhuang's music and dance that has been passed down for thousands of years.