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Huangshan, a winter fairy tale

Date: 2015-01-12

In huangshan, overnight dressed up as a silvery white, kuo pinus taiwanensis like jade hanging branches, to ponder the pine needle like silver chrysanthemum in full bloom, glittering and translucent.A beautiful beautiful scenery is nature to human.
Rhyme huangshan, winter wonderland.Fairy tale general winter of huangshan is known to all, don't mention "winter swimming" may be some misunderstanding: will winter huangshan mountain?Actually winter not only mountain huangshan, huangshan, and winter is in the beautiful romantic season, beautiful let a person enchanted fondly, linger.Winter swimming huangshan linger Yu Haohan snow, encounter winter huangshan unique melodies and your looks and charm.Whenever there are "five greats" : huangshan pines, rocks, sea of clouds, snow, hot spring, the snow is only visible to the winter, the sea of clouds in a higher probability of summer in winter, qifeng rocks and ancient pines lurking among the sea of clouds, spectacular.Absolutely beautiful rime, sea of clouds and the sunrise, disguised huangshan as a fairyland.Huangshan in December from a year to next February is the most popular XueQi, winter swimming optimal period.The corresponding tickets, accommodation, food are much cheaper than when the peak season.Goes the huangshan seasons all wonderful scenery, only la winter scene is better.Huangshan winter swimming can let me enjoy the wonderful winter scene, huangshan is a great place to travel.Huangshan winter bright course, having tabled winter snow and rime, sea of clouds, enjoy the sunrise, Buddha's light, wash hot springs, cuisine, the emblem rhyme, holidays is an excellent choice.