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About the huangshan tourism 2015 price and preferential policies to inform

Date: 2015-02-11

Research, 2015, huangshan tourism development co., LTD. Perform the following preferential price and reward policy.
A, the execution time (on January 1, 2015 - December 31, 2015)
(a) flat peak season: on March 1, 2015 to November 30.
(2) the winter swimming: January, February, December, 2015.
Second, the ticket price
(a) flat peak season: huangshan scenic spot ticket of 230 yuan.
(2) the winter swimming: huangshan scenic spot ticket of 150 yuan.
Third, ropeway ticket prices
(a) flat peak season: huangshan scenic spot cloud valley, taiping cableway tickets, it's $80 each; Jade screen ropeway ticket one-way 90 yuan each (after modification).
(2) the winter swimming: huangshan scenic spot cloud valley, taiping cableway tickets, it's $65 each; Jade screen ropeway ticket one-way 75 yuan each (after modification).
Four, the special tourist group
(a) preferential at half price
1, the tickets:
(1) minors (6 years of age (excluding) - 18 ());
(2) high this year examinee, full-time bachelor degree and students;
(3) the old (60 years old (including) - 70 one full year of life (excluding));
(4) the serviceman, removing army cadres, take five to ten grade the residual license;
(5) teachers (only July 1 - August 31).
(6) the national moral models, national hero models and above provincial model worker.
Above preferential group to huangshan mountain tourism, by relevant to prove the valid certificate of the original, the special group I am giving huangshan scenic spot tickets half-price tickets for flat peak season price, which is 115 yuan/copies.
2, ropeway:
At the height of 1.2 meters to 1.4 meters of minors in huangshan cloud valley cableway, peace, enjoy half price discount (flat peak season 40 yuan/zhang; winter swimming 35 yuan/zhang); Take the jade screen cableway, enjoy half price discount (45 yuan/zhang flat peak season; winter swim 40 yuan/zhang).
(2) free ticket discount
1, the tickets:
(1) children under 6 years of age and the following or height 1.2 meters (guardian);
(2) more than 70 years old (including) the elderly;
(3) hold one to four disability certificate issued by the national related department the disabled;
(4) to huangshan scenic spot tour reporter (with the press card issued by the general administration of press and publication of the People's Republic of China to checking the original).
2, tickets and ropeway double free:
(1) in children under 1.2 meters tall (guardian);
(2) outside the territory named countries (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions) photographers' association (excluding its consists of organization), member of China photographers' association member, provincial photographers' association (especially of xx province (municipality directly under the central government) photographers' association), his own valid identity certificate and the original photographer association membership card.
Conforms to the free ticket discount groups to visit huangshan scenic spot, is required to prove his/her special group to the identity of the original valid documents, can enjoy the relevant preferential free.
Five, the other
(a) of this circular issued with the original yellow stocks [2014] no. 75 on the 2014-2015 winter swimming and favorable incentives notice contradict part, according to the original published documents.
(2) the west grand canyon, grand canyon west sea sightseeing cable car, cableway jade screen and transformation of the company or the mountain part of the hotel for winter swimming, go out of business, operating time, please pay attention to the company on short notice.
(3) to enjoy the preferential benefit groups and individuals, have the right to check the identity of the scenic area management department, is testified with fraud behavior, the related responsibility will be investigated.
(4) above to huangshan tourism development co., LTD.
Notice is hereby given that the
Huangshan tourism development co., LTD
On November 7, 2014