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The Spring Festival "golden send blessing Waiting for you to celebrate the New Year "activities

Date: 2017-01-19

Hello, distinguished guests:
Jade monkey bowed out and golden Spring Festival.Huangshan mountain west sea hotel during the Spring Festival in 2017, launched the "golden send blessing to greet the New Year" activities, wish you luck in the New Year, happiness.

The activity time
On January 27, 2017 - January 31, 2017
Active content
(1) take at home
Every family in the hotel, micro qr code scanning huangshan officer may obtain "happy family" a photo.
(2) the gift (for you)
Sixty before the guest check-in, give peace Chinese knot per room 1.

(3) value consumption
1. Everyone in the hall to spend 288 yuan, 2 dried fruit.

2. In order of the guests, 1 cup ginger tea.

3. Everyone in the store order to spend 588 yuan, 1 give huangshan specialty - east black sesame cake (or jade sesame cake).

(4) timed specials huizhou cuisine (Spring Festival)
1. Dried bamboo shoot of burning flesh of original price 168 yuan, 138 yuan during the activity.
2. The original price 80 yuan of five cities dry hanging pot, 58 yuan during the activity.
Jixi fry fan 3. The original price 98 yuan, 78 yuan during the activity.